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e-Secret Keeper Paracord Collar - Electric/Remote Training Collar Cover ***CUSTOM ORDER***

e-Secret Keeper Paracord Collar - Electric/Remote Training Collar Cover ***CUSTOM ORDER***

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The e-Secret Keeper Paracord Collar is designed to hide your electric collar or anti-bark collar receiver. If you worry about unpleasant looks or comments that the general public may give while you are out training with your dog, then this is for you! Our e-Secret Keeper Paracord Collar will keep your e-collar hidden so that the rest of the world is unaware of your chosen training techniques.

This is designed to work with all brand receivers that come with a ¾" or 1" strap collar. This will not work with receivers that screw onto their straps.
🐾 Just remove the original plastic type collar from the receiver
🐾 Center the receiver box on the back side of the e-Secret Keeper Paracord Collar with the contact points facing out
🐾 Feed the attached hook and loop straps through the side slots on the receiver box
🐾 Secure the hook and loop straps on each side to hold the receiver box in place
*** Now you're ready to go! It will look as though your dog is just wearing a decorative paracord collar.
Check-out our how-to video on Facebook:

🐾 The e-Secret Keeper Paracord Collar is one-size fits most. This will work on dogs with a 14"-22" (+) neck size. The adjustable bungee cord allows you to customize the fit to your dog. Easily tighten the bungee with the cord lock to get a secure fit to allow the e-collar to make full contact with your dog's neck. The cord lock easily releases as well for the e-Secret Keeper Paracord Collar to be taken off or put on your dog.

🎨 This listing allows you to order an e-Secret Keeper Paracord Collar that is unique to you. In the personalization section please tell us which paracord colors and/or patterns you choose. Check out our diagram for the order in which colors will appear in your final product and enter your colors/patterns in the order that you prefer. There are two color charts displaying solid colors and patterned colors. Monitor colors may vary. Please feel free to send us a convo if you have any questions.

🚨🚨🚨 We DO NOT accept returns on custom orders.

🇺🇸 Handmade in the USA 🇺🇸

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